Our Prices

valid from 02.16.2024
1 entry2.000.-
30day unlimited, 1 entry/day11.900.-13.500.-
60 days unlimited, 1 entry/day20.500.-23.500.-
8 entries valid for 45days10500.-11.500.-
12 entries, valid for 60days12.900.-13.500.-
180 days unlimited59.500.-
VIP 30 days19.900.-
Non-peak special 30days (weekdays 9:00-15:00+weekend all day) 10.000.-
1 class2.000.-
30day unlimited11.900.-13.500.-
30days unlimited20.500.-23.500.-
1 Flying aerobic2.000.-
 4 entries valid for 45 days5.900.-
8 entries valid for 45days10.500.-11.500.-
12 entries valid for 60days12.900.-13.500.-
180 days unlimited59.500.-
Combination (Gym+aerobic)  
 30day unlimited, 1 entry/day15.500.-17.500.-
Access ticket (gym use for aerobic pass, or vica versa)1.200.-
Solarium 1 min250.-
Several people can use our 4, 8 and 12 passes!
Our 30, 60 and 180-day passes are personal and cannot be extended or canceled.
*Special prices valid for: Student, SZTE workers. Membership card deposit: 1.000.- Huf. Deposit can be refunded latest  60days after the last entry.
Our prices are in Hungarian Forints and include 27% VAT.
We activate our passes on an Optime plastic card that can be purchased against a deposit (HUF 1,000 gross). If the guest does not want to exchange a plastic card, there is no way to sell a pass (30-day, suitable for more, etc.) to the guest. The guest has the right to claim back the deposit up to 60 calendar days after the end of the last pass. After that, the plastic card permanently becomes the property of the guest, the Operator is not obliged to buy it back!

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